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Ominous Spiritus and greetings to all Citizens of Earth

Oct 27 | Posted by: Gowan

Before this year of 2015 has elapsed there will be a one-night-only Gowan "tour" at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville Ontario Canada. You're all invited!

This year's band line-up is another impressive one indeed. Can't wait for you to hear them:

Todd Sucherman from the well-known and much-loved rock group "Styx" will be on drums. 2015 saw Todd win the Modern Drummer Readers Poll for #1 Progressive Rock Drummer as well as touring the world with multi platinum rock band Styx.  

Come out and yell "Congrats Todd!" at the show. He'll love it, trust me.

Ricky Tillo, current member of Lady Gaga's band will be moonlighting with us on guitar. Ricky's a stellar player and we're looking forward to his debut with us in a very big way.

Divine Brown, renowned vocalist known from both her solo albums and her featured performances in Nelly Furtado's band will also be making her debut with us. Divine's voice is simply a force of nature that's going to be a great addition to our festivities.

Terence Gowan, brother of mine and talented musician that he is, will be on bass and singin' like a bird. Just as he's been known to do since 1985.

Ryan Bovaird is our new "young-blood" on deck and he'll be manning the keyboards in fine style, I assure you.

We've greatly enjoyed doing these Gowan shows annually since the 25th anniversary of Strange Animal back in 2010 and this year is going to be a ton of fun for sure. I hope to see you there, cheers!


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